A shopping site with hundreds of filters is pointless when there is no filter to know the real quality of a product or service. well, that's one stance. In Orange Dice we help you develop user friendly yet safe E-Commerce platform featuring fast loading pages,promotions&offer zones, customizable filters & options to build your own shopping cart, ratings and reviews, online debit/credit payment hub with secure upfront, product tracking options and much more, you name it: we create it!!!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does it cost to have an e-commerce store in the UAE?
Generally, e-commerce website development prices start from AED 4500. The final cost will be driven by functionality, features needed and the type e-commerce website you want ( B2B or B2C or international etc).

How much time it will take to develop an e-commerce website in the UAE?
It will depend on the features, a number of products or any extra add-ons. Normally it will take 4 – 5 weeks to set up an e-commerce website.

Which technologies are do you used to build an e-commerce website?
PHP, MySql, Codeigniter etc.

Will my online store accept credit card payments?
Yes, we will help you to integrate payment gateways to your online store. Cost of integration will depend on the payment gateway you are selected.

Will you charge any transaction fees for my online store?
No, transaction charges will as per the payment gateway company you selected.

Do I really need SSL for my online store?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, it allows the customer to transmit credit card details, login details or any other sensitive information in a secure way