Biometric Attendance System

Cloud Based Biometric Attendance System

Orange Dice, a one-stop solution in Dubai for all your Time - Attendance and security concerns. We incorporate a highly scalable, easy operative, feature packed and affordable biometric authentication system that is well suited for small to large sized businesses. Orange Dice offers web based time attendance machines that lays out options for web applications. The attendance can be acknowledged from different locations, wherein the reports can be retrieved at ease with simple web-based login software brace to calculate employees working hours and overtime hours effortlessly.

Our biometric system & Time - Attendance machines are customizable and versatile, the price of which are purely based on the user specifications, requirements and range of machines, & it's related softwares. Orange Dice's Biometric systems are compatible with your system and genuinely adaptable that It can be configured to Local network server and works well on any intranet setup. Fingerprint Time - Attendance systems, easy integrations, fast updations, follow-ups and flexible customizations are our prominent features. With a decade of expert dealings, our software specialists have mastered in assisting the installations of the Biometric machines, integrating your workspace and providing proper support without time delay. We deliver our quality services across the UAE.

A smart biometric system with integrated payrolls equals increased efficiency and zero slack. Say goodbye to buddy punching and safeguard a foolproof technology to shield your business.